Marketing Agencies & Consultants

Increase your marketing agencies recurring revenue, easily.

Fully white labeled end-to-end Content Marketing Engine, on your very own domain.

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Some happy Marketing Agencies & Consultants

There's been no easier way to increase our revenue and client value.

Mike McGloin
Founder @ Fuze

Your Agencies very own Content Marketing SaaS platform

Clients sign up to your very own Content Marketing SaaS platform. You set your monthly subscription fee and become a stickier partner.

Who’s it for?

Marketing Agencies and Consultants that want to:


Offer clients a self serve marketing product and charge a monthly subscription

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Offer clients a content service, and use the latest AI and tech to support the Content Strategy, Creation, Conversion Optimization and Insights

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It’s so easy to grow your Agency revenue


The app lives on your
very own domain


Your clients sign up on your domain


Clients pay your monthly subscription fee to access your platform


Your clients get access to the platform, all under your brand and domain.

"We've always been focused on quality with scale. Agencies of any size now they have a partner that manages the tech & execution, while you focus on the building client relationships. "

Denys Kravchenko
Captain CTO

Customer Service included

We’ll take care of all technical customer service acting on your brands behalf.

Starting at just
$99 /mo per client

For each client domain you set up. You can charge your clients whatever you like.

Special Offer: No white label fee for the next 30 days!

This is a partnership in it's truest form. It's in our best interest to help our agencies & consultants win and retain business as that's directly beneficial to us as well."

Rchard McBeath
Captain CEO

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